This article discusses health-related queries and the types of questions people are asking. According to a Penn Medicine study, people are asking both popular health-related questions, such as visiting a hospital or emergency room, as well as more specific queries. Google Trends and Google Searches were included in the separate CNN analysis which focused on the coverage of questions searched worldwide. The types of queries included questions about patients from all over the world over the course of a year. Patients searched for health-related “what” questions such as symptoms and diseases. The study found that people’s health related searches vary greatly depending on the region they are in and that this type of search is becoming increasingly more frequent.

People are using YouTube to find health related information and health professionals to answer their questions. Google has created knowledge panels for medical conditions, diseases, and other medical problems that people commonly search for. People are also able to use these panels to connect with health professionals who can help them with specific diseases or medical issues. In addition, Google has also put health professionals in place to answer peoples’ questions about various conditions in order to provide helpful content. This type of health communication is helping people find the answers they need faster and more effectively than ever before. It is allowing people to connect with the right professionals who can provide answers and guidance about their specific disease or medical problem.    

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